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AirHUD is the only solution in the market to provide full BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) capabilities. In general, AirHUD will help in situations where you cannot maintain a visual line of sight to the drone, increasing situational awareness immediately. This allows flying behind buildings and in dark, fog and smoke. Currently in most countries like in Finland, the law requires people to maintain a visual line of sight to the drone while flying, but there are people and institutions with special permission to fly without it, such as the police.  

The technology shows real-time flight data around the drone and the pilot as holograms with indicators. These indicators also have all sorts of extra information that will help in BVLOS flights, such as the current heading of the drone, the current altitude and information about its surroundings, like distance to close buildings.  

Solving common problems operation costs will be lower through more efficient operations and less damage to drones, because of easier piloting. For industrial inspections, the ability of single pilots to do BVLOS flights lowers operational costs since a single pilot can do BVLOS flights without having to have additional people as spotters. 

In conclusion, with our system your operations will run smoother than ever, and your wallet will smile brightly. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know, it is appreciated!