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Meet the team

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From left to right: Begüm Egesel (Test engineer), Jakob Andersen (Unity developer), Ilkka Venäläinen (Unity developer), Émilie Cohen (Chief Marketing Officer), Sami Rapakko (Unity developer), Hannu Lesonen (CEO), Lassi Immonen (Chief Technology Officer), Anni Jylhä (Executive assistant), Ville Ahola (Software developer), Gopalkrishnan Kokkatil (Data scientist).

AirHUD™ is a young and productive startup. 

Hannu and Lassi, the founders, are both successful entrepreneurs, with a long experience in industrial design, virtual reality, and product development.  With clear vision of the product and the combined background of fearlessly creating new products starting from a clean board, the path was clear.

AirHUD™ was established in Finland, but its initial customers were located outside the country. Right from the outset, AirHUD™ engaged in international business operations and recruited talent from around the world. Today, the team is composed of 12 seasoned professionals, coming from 5 different nationalities. Being international internally and externally has just always been a part of the company DNA and we want to keep it this way!

The vision of AirHUD™ is to develop a product that benefits drone pilots and beyond. We believe that outdoor augmented reality represents a foundational platform with limitless potential applications, including air taxis, air traffic management, building inspections, and many more.