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We’re happy to introduce Antti Taskinen, a valued member of our affiliate reseller network. He has demonstrated a deep commitment to advancing drone safety standards, first in 2003 with creating fixed wing target drones for the military and after that starting a company VectorSave™, a pioneering drone rescue system designed to ensure safety and security in aerial operations.

VectorSave™, a pioneering drone rescue system

With years in the drone industry, Antti recognized the critical need for safety, particularly in high-risk situations. Leading Vector Save, he developed the world’s lightest drone parachute systems to mitigate risks.

“It is the industry first complete system for drone safety that incorporates a patented release system SaveSense™, a software allowing to be aware of drones’ motors providing/not providing thrust. VectorSave™ is also lightest system available for 1- 2kg maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) drones.”, says Taskinen.

In addition to his innovative work with VectorSave™, Antti also serves as one of our resellers, representing our products and solutions at various fairs and events across the United States. With his passion for cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to promoting safety within the drone industry, Antti plays a crucial role in expanding our reach and impact. He’s started working with South America in 2018 and is now building awareness in North America with various partners.

Acknowledging situational awareness as vital, he integrated AirHUD™ into his offerings. With this strategic partnership, Antti continues to set new standards for safety, reliability, and performance, ensuring the empowerment of drone operators worldwide.

AirHUD™ offers added value of situational operation where line of sight (LOS) is not possible. These cases are first line responders of firefighting, law enforcement and many others like various inspection missions.”, says Taskinen.

The US market is now a good opportunity for Finnish technology providers 

In April, Antti will attend Xponential in San Diego, a premier trade show and conference highlighting unmanned systems and robotics. As one of the largest events in the industry, Xponential provides a platform for professionals to connect, learn about the latest advancements, gain valuable insights, and explore innovative solutions shaping the future of unmanned systems and robotics.

We are thrilled to once again attend Xponential. We’ll showcase Vector Save™ at the HEX/CubePilot booth, aiming to expand our business channels. Every year brings new connections widening the possibilities. Collaboration with Anarky Lab is natural since we are targeting customers who benefit from AirHUD”, says Taskinen.

We are privileged to have Antti and Vector Save as part of our affiliate reseller network, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in shaping the future of drone technology.