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Hello 2024! We are thrilled to kick off the new year by welcoming Antti Hyttinen onboard our team. Antti brings a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm, and we look forward to achieving new heights together. Antti assumes a pivotal role at Anarky Labs, taking the lead of our sales, thus marking the beginning of an exciting chapter for our company.

Antti’s Background

As Chief Sales Officer, Antti Hyttinen took his position two months ago and things have already been moving forward nicely, with new clients coming in. Antti is known for effectively managing the sales department and developing efficient strategies, but few people know that his favourite hobby is running.

“I run on a weekly basis throughout the year, which can be interesting during winter time – this morning it was -18 degrees celsius when I skipped out of the front door. It’s still great, and I love the energy boost you get from regular exercise!”

New Beginnings at Anarky Labs

We’re extremely excited to have him on the team and feel confident that we will continue to expand AirHUD offering and add even greater value for our clients.

“Particularly interesting at Anarky Labs is the unique product: we are the first company offering a real Heads-Up Display solution for the growing number of drone pilots around the world! I was stunned to learn that all this was developed in just a few years. To me, this underscores the unbelievable talent the Anarky Labs team holds. It will be interesting to see how far we can push the boundaries of this technology.”

Antti’s Vision for Anarky Labs

Every sales leader brings a unique vision to the table, and Antti is no exception. While the specifics of his strategic plan for Anarky Labs sales may not be fully disclosed at this point, Antti’s past achievements suggest a focus on systematic business development, cultivating talent, and driving sustainable growth.

“The technology itself was impressive to see, but I was really convinced when I learned that the most demanding customers in national law enforcement are already using AirHUD and renewing their licenses. That’s a solid foundation to build upon. Now we are aiming to scale up these accomplishments. In other terms, the warm-up is done and it’s time to pick up some speed.”

As the story of this new chapter unfolds, it will undoubtedly be something worth following for those interested in the intersection of technology, strategy, and progress. Here’s to a year of collaboration, innovation, and success! Welcome Antti!