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Jakob Andersen, Sami Rapakko and Ilkka Venäläinen

Team Anarky is growing fast and we are happy to welcome three new Anarkists: Sami Rapakko, Jakob Andersen and Ilkka Venäläinen! Now take a comfortable position and let us introduce you to these amazing professionals…

Sami Rapakko studied computer science and electrical engineering with business as his extensive minor at the University of Oulu. Sami had been working at his University faculty for about two years until he found Anarky Labs through LinkedIn. The job notice checked his requirements so he decided to apply.

Sami’s duties at Anarky include working with Unity development, specifically in the UI and UX side. 

-The working environment seems relaxed and funny. People are great and the overall atmosphere seems enjoyable to work in, says Sami about his experience so far.

During his free time he likes to collect LP records, do random DIY projects, play D&D and other board games, keep his own balcony garden and do different types of exercising activities.

Jakob Andersen graduated from Aarhus University in Denmark with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Design, specializing in Audio Design. While employed elsewhere Jakob decided to apply for the position as a Unity programmer because Anarky Labs sounded like an interesting company. 

-I have only been working in Anarky Labs for a couple of weeks now, and most of that time has gone with getting settled at the office, getting the computer and equipment set up and getting to know the specific technologies that we are working with. But it has been a good experience so far. My colleagues are nice, and we have a relaxed, yet professional, atmosphere at the office, says Jakob.

Jakob’s duties are mainly developing parts of our products that are made with Unity but he hopes that he will be able to contribute with ideas and thoughts on the user experience and general design as well. Also, during some of the hot summer weeks KV and Jakob have taken the duty of being the Lead Fan Assemblers at our office. Very important duty indeed!

Jakob has a two and a half year-old son and he spends most of his free time with him. He also likes to play music, although he hasn’t been playing since moving from Denmark to Finland a couple of years ago.

Ilkka Venäläinen got his master’s degree in digital signal processing from Tampere University of Technology. He has been working on radar system modeling, quality management and data engineering and analysis, and the past few years before coming to Anarky Labs he was working as a full stack software developer while also doing AR/VR and 3D development with his own company.

-It has been awesome. The people are really nice and smart and the things I get to work on are super interesting, says Ilkka about his time in Anarky. 

Ilkka is one our Unity developers and is working on the HoloLens AR application with Unity, C# and some Blender. 

During his free time Ilkka likes to go running, swimming or fishing and thanks to his wife, two children and dog, he has no trouble finding things to do.

We want to make Sami, Jakob and Ilkka feel very welcome in Anarky Labs and want to make their start-up experience as fruitful as possible. Stay tuned for more!