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During the two days of Slush we had the pleasure to be invited by Microsoft to booth stage. We had such great fun presenting our solution AirHUD! Our team kept on charging and cleaning the HoloLens headsets and demoed AirHUD to hundreds of visitors. What an experience! And what a pleasure to witness the amazed looks of the visitors when realizing all the possibilities that AirHUD could offer! All in all, Slush 2021 was one of the highlights of the year for our company. Oh and we are also very proud to say that all the new features we presented during Slush are now available for immediate use in drone flights! Video view updates, world based markers, unified messages panel, big map mode… all these are downloadable through our latest release update. And if you still haven’t, now is the time to join our Early Access Program and experience yourself what this is for real!

Check out our Slush 2021 video below: