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Enabling the Metaverse

Anarky Labs is involved in the EMETA (Enabling Metaverse) project, led by VTT, where together with other companies, the aim is to increase the understanding of the Metaverse concept.

The Metaverse is a virtual digital shared space where it is possible to do things similar to what is possible in physical reality.

The Metaverse is growing in popularity and is expected to offer significant new business opportunities for the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry.

The Metaverse and augmented reality

Anarky Labs brings to the project its expertise in using augmented reality applications to visualise information for a variety of demanding operations.

For drone pilots for example, Anarky Labs’ products are able to show data that facilitates flights in the sky, showing the pilot where the drone is, making the mission safer and more efficient.

Similar information visualisation capabilities can be used in many different ways with augmented reality and will be explored in this project.

The goal of the project

The overall objective of the EMETA project is to increase the understanding of metaverse requirements in the ICT sector. In addition the idea is to develop a metaverse environment based on 5G Evolution and 5G Advanced standards to enhance the interaction between the virtual and physical worlds.

The environment will combine multi-user real-time Digital Twin, Augmented / Virtual / Extended Reality (AR / VR / XR) technologies and Blockchain solutions.

The project will also implement test environments and demos to illustrate the control of smart building functionalities, resources and spaces, as well as user collaboration through virtual and physical spaces.

Business Finland is the main funder of the three-year (2023-2025) project.

The project is led by VTT and includes Anarky Labs, Augumenta, Carelia Forest Consulting, Elisa, Finpeda, Haltian, ISTEKKI, MediaTek, Nokia, Nordic Drones, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, City of Oulu, University of Oulu, Telia, Sitowise, SRV and Sweco