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Helsinki-based software company Anarky Labs Oy, has been granted a patent (US11967035) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its AirHUD™ product, covering new features of the AirHUD™ software.

New features become possible when the current AirHUD™ software is used with a digital twin of the world and information visualization at real-world scale through augmented reality.

For example, AirHUD™ can be used to “paint” the area captured by the drone’s camera directly onto the surface of a building or, alternatively, onto the terrain. This direct combination of digital twin and drone information also allows for measuring distances and marking a significant object directly from the drone’s video image to a real world location.

CEO Hannu Lesonen comments:

”The user can point to a target of interest visible in the drone’s video feed, and the location of the target can be displayed with augmented reality glasses in a real real-world location using the digital twin, while providing the necessary positioning information. This information can then be shared with the rest of the potential team.”

Anarky Labs also holds two patents (US11409280, US11669088) granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and a unitary patent (EP4047434) granted by the European Patent Office (EPO).