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Securing a patent is always a cause for celebration. Anarky Labs’ AirHUD was recently granted a patent for the US market. The decision indicates that AirHUD is an internationally unique innovation, says Tapio Kinnunen, Patent Attorney at Kolster, a company specialising in intellectual property rights.

Anarky Labs’ AirHUD assists drone pilots by means of augmented reality. The company contacted IPR experts before it started marketing its invention, and this is strategically important: if information about an invention leaks to the public too early, the invention can no longer be patented.

An IPR strategy prepared well in advance with experts made it possible to protect the technological solutions comprehensively and in a timely manner. The implementation of the IPR strategy started in 2021, when Anarky Labs filed an application for a utility patent in the United States, as well as a European patent application. The application was processed quickly in the United States, and the patent was granted in less than a year.

A patent boosts a company’s competitive advantage

Securing a US patent brings credibility to a company. In addition to reflecting strategic skills, it communicates that the company has value and is a good investment. Above all, the patent enables the company to prohibit others from using the invention commercially and copying the idea in the US market. In other words, the patent provides a significant competitive advantage. The patent can also be licensed or sold, which offers new business opportunities for Anarky Labs.

Novelty and inventiveness are the basic requirements for obtaining a patent. In Anarky Labs’ innovation, the patent protects the technology developed to assist the drone pilot. This technology includes entirely new kinds of features. The invention improves the safety and situational awareness of drone pilots with the help of augmented reality solutions.

Augmented reality offers a wealth of opportunities for various sectors. The introduction of Anarky Labs’ innovation coincided with an exceptional geopolitical situation. The product may also have application potential in the defence industry and the work of security authorities, for example.

Protecting intellectual property is a responsible choice

Investment in intellectual property rights from the outset of business operations is convincing and increases market trust in a new company. It also promises that product development will continue and that the company can be expected to introduce interesting innovations in the future. International expansion also involves obligations, and the comprehensive protection of intellectual property is part of corporate responsibility.

The new patent is valid in the United States until 2041. It was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Anarky Labs also has a European patent application and international PCT patent applications pending in its pursuit of protection in other key markets.