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White paper - Saving Lives one drone at a time

How Augmented Reality Heads-Up Displays Are Transforming First Response

We want to help first responders save lives and become much more cost efficient.

Augmented reality and drones are being used by search and rescue teams, firefighters and law enforcement in order to increase the speed and efficiency of life-saving operations.

Imagine a world where first responders are able to locate people faster than ever before and train without risking damage to equipment or put anyone at risk.

This white paper will explore how augmented reality can be used to help drone pilots assist in search and rescue operations, firefighting and law enforcement, making hazardous tasks faster, safer and more efficient.

From detecting survivors in hard-to-reach areas to training drone pilots in the office, flying drones with a augmented reality heads-up display has greatly improved the capabilities of first response  teams anywhere they have been deployed.

This white paper explores the wide and varied possibilities for the usage of drones in first response situations and covers some of the possible AR glasses that in conjunction with AirHUD can save lives.

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