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AirHUD for MetaQuest pro

AirHUD™  for Meta Quest 3 & Quest Pro

Embrace the future of drone piloting with Meta Quest 3 & Quest Pro and AirHUD™. Unleash the full potential of augmented reality and revolutionize the way you fly. Elevate your skills, enhance safety, and soar to new heights of productivity. Get ready to experience the world from a whole new perspective.

By combinging Quest Pro AR glasses and AirHUD™, your eyes will remain fixated on the drone, enabling enhanced operational efficiency and safety like never before. Bid farewell to divided attention between screens and the sky, eliminating the risk of accident and ensuring every mission is a resounding success. Our solution extends far beyond live piloting, providing a comprehensive suite of features that cater to all aspects training too.

Meta Quest Pro Close Up
Controllers Quest Pro

AirHUD™ and Quest Pro Training

Designed for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals alike, the Quest Pro-compatible training solution propels you into a realm of cutting-edge innovation, delivering real-time and authentic feedback to help you master the art of drone flight with unparalleled precision and finesse.

With Quest Pro as your trusted companion, AirHUD Training offers an immersive experience that transcends reality itself. Step into simulated environments of your choosing and witness the flight of your drone unfold before your eyes. Through instantaneous feedback on your control inputs, every stick movement and command becomes a window into the intricacies of drone behavior. This invaluable insight empowers you to make immediate adjustments, refining your flying skills to absolute perfection.

AirHUD and QuestPro field of vision

Large Field of View

Featuring a large field-of-view (FOV) that surpasses all other devices we have tested, these cutting-edge AR glasses are excellent for our Heads-up Display features.

One of the standout features of Quest Pro is its camera pass-through capability, which allows for the display of totally opaque and vivid videos. For those moments when you need undivided attention to the video feeds and maps, simply toggle off the camera pass-through, enabling you to concentrate solely on your chosen content without any distractions.

Meta Quest Pro accessories and packaging

AirHUD™ and Quest Pro: A powerful combination 

  • Equipped with a formidable 12GB of RAM and a generous 256GB of storage.
  • Experience lightning-fast connectivity like never before with Wi-Fi 6E enabled in Quest Pro with a a 1.6Gbps throughput.
  • With an average battery life of 2.5 hours, you have enough flying time for most missions. For those who need longer in the field Quest Pro is easily extendable with a USB power bank
Command center

Take Control with AirHUD™ and Quest Pro

No longer confined to traditional command center setups, Quest Pro empowers team leaders to take control wherever their mission takes them. With its portable and versatile design, these AR glasses and AirHUD ensure that your authority is not limited by location.

Experience the freedom to lead from the frontlines, from the helm of your vehicle, or anywhere your responsibilities demand.

See it in action

Contact our team to book demo and see how AirHUD™ performs with Quest Pro.

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Supported platforms

The AirHUD™ Training needs the actual drone on the floor, powered up, but not flying.

  • Mavic 3 Enterprise models
  • M30 models
  • Mini 3 Pro
  • Matrice 300, 350
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, RTK module also supported
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise
  • Mavic 2 Pro
  • Phantom 4 Pro V2
  • Mavic Air 2
  • Mavic Air 2s
  • Mini 2
  • DroneLab SkyQube

Other drone platforms can be supported according to client needs, please inquire.

The headsets supported by AirHUD Training include HoloLens 2, Trimble XR10 and Meta Quest Pro.

Downloads and Documentation

The latest versions of the AirHUD™ applications and the documentation are available for downloading and viewing at The documentation is continuously updated with new content, so be sure to visit the website frequently.

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