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AR in Industrial Drones: Enhancing Safety through SORA

As the drone industry continues to grow at an exciting pace, we propose that augmented reality (AR) technology can play a pivotal role in enhancing drone infrastructure.

By leveraging AR technology, we can improve safety, efficiency, and accuracy in drone operations, while also creating new opportunities for innovation and growth in the industry.

However, to fully realise the potential of AR in the drone industry, we need the backing of industry stakeholders to integrate AR into the regulatory process. This white paper presents a compelling case for why AR should be part of the regulatory process for drones, and outlines the benefits of AR for improving safety, efficiency, and accuracy in drone operations.

We call upon industry stakeholders to join us in supporting the integration of AR technology into the regulatory process, and to work together to unlock the full potential of the drone industry.

This white paper explores the wide and varied possibilities for the usage of drones in industry the manufacturers behind them and the regulations that govern them.

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